About Us


How it all began…

In 2007, Aimee and Lew sold their business and returned to college in Maine.  Aimee always wanted to be an Architectural designer and Lew wanted to be a Machinist.  They were following their passions. In 2009, they both graduated at the top of their class. They may have been a bit competitive with each other!

After the 2008 recession changed their respective industries, Aimee ended up working at the local elementary school with Austistic and Special Needs children. The kids grabbed her heart and she is still working at the school.

Lew, loving to just make anything, needed a hand with some projects and asked for Aimee’s help. Soon, magical things were happening. Her design skills and his fabrication and machining skills were an amazing complement to each other. What ever she thought of, he could build. 

So they began to colaborate and make groovy things. Along the way they were comissioned to make special order items. Suddenly, others wanted some too. 

A Business was born. 

With a highly skilled team, some good equipment, decent software, good ideas, and a touch of humor, Aimee and Lew started to offer their products to the World.

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